The following books and screenplays are written but not yet published or produced.


Fat-Free Yoga

Yoga poses with simple instructions and inspirational quotes from masters to meditate on.

Sages of Young Ages

Out of the mouth of babes – children ranging from ages 3-8 comment on important topics of the day, like politics and religion. Pick an age and topic and find a quote to enlighten you, make you laugh, and realize that sages really do come in young ages.

Meditation Monday

A new meditation exercise for every Monday - to practice throughout the week -52 weeks a year. Cover Illustration by Donna Brady.

In Search of a Yogini

Joan’s PhD Dissertation on the discovery of an Awareness Curriculum based on yoga practices and traditions. It is autobiographical in nature and filled with stories of Joan’s personal yoga journey.

Regaining your Cha-Cha

A journey through the yoga chakra system. Find out which chakras are associated with various character traits and how to bring more balance into your life.

Children's Books

Big Bag Theory

Baby discovers the joys of purses.

Room 115

Visiting Grandma at an Assisted Living Center, a Grandma who forgets who you are, can be quite daunting for an 8 year old boy, until the tie that binds is uncovered in unanticipated ways. Written in verse.

Rolling Rainbows

Let’s bring Grandma along, we’ll figure out a way to roll her wheelchair with us under the beautiful rainbows we encounter.

A Good Southern View

Winner of “Best Picture Book” for the Litchfield Educational Foundation - imagine the awards this book will win once fully illustrated! A hedgehog, blue jay, and spider, conspire to scare the little girl with the marshmallow tray. Written in verse. Cover Illustration by Donna Brady.

This & That about Family Life in the 1920’s

Little Lee grows up in Chicago in the 1920’s and takes you along on the journey. As the world changes, learn how much you have in common still today.


Love on a Two-Way Street

What does a young Iranian cabdriver and a young aspiring Chicago nightclub singer have in common? Can the language of love transcend such opposing cultures and times?

Sugar Lips

The local undertaker lives a pretty predictable life until beautiful, Tess, moves into the neighborhood. Her husband soon mysteriously dies and the undertaker unwittingly uncovers more than he ever wanted to.

My Mother Helena

Helena finally escapes the atrocities of World War 1 in Poland and makes it to the promised land of Chicago, Illinois - right in time for the Great Depression

Lady Lee

Lee is one of the top Ballroom Dancers of the beautiful Aragon Ballroom on the north side of Chicago when she encounters Johnny from the south side’s Trianon Ballroom. No one dances as well as they do and a beautiful romance begins. Johnny though, is an Undertaker, and their inevitable marriage brings a life together of less glamour but more life and death experiences than she could have ever imagined. Poster Design by Chuck Reiter.