Yoga Books

Yo Joan

A Pocket Sized Book of some of the most popular Yo Joan columns

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The Little Yogi Energy Book

A pocket-sized book of yoga poses associated with each chakra

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The Little Yogi Water Book

A pocket-sized book of yoga poses in the swimming pool!

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Yoga for a New Day

A simple overview of the yoga philosophy of observances (yamas) and abstentions (niyamas) along with a simply explained and demonstrated posture practice.

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Lady Lee

Joan’s mother’s autobiography - From ballroom dancer to undertaker’s wife and funeral business partner. Lee uncovers a full life of beauty and service. Treasured Family Recipes begin every new chapter.

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My Mother Helena

A biography of Joan’s Grandmother, written by Joan’s mother, Leona. Helena, a polish immigrant, survives the atrocities of World War One and finally makes it to the promised land of Chicago, Illinois, just in time for the Great Depression.

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Death Does Not Take A Holiday

Joan’s Father’s autobiography written in his 90’s. His book is a detailed and fascinating account of Chicago life in the early 1900’s to current day, with particular attention given to the funeral profession and the many changes it has seen. A sensitive, memorable, loving and educational portrait.

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Children's Books

A Land of Walkers and Wonder

A 5-year old boy goes to visit his Grandma in a Senior Living Center. Everything old is young again, as a mutual love of fun games and surprises unfold between generations. Fully Illustrated by Brooke Dahmen.

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A series of Children's Coloring Books teaching history and how to write autobiographically

This & That on Magnolia Street

How does a child’s life of the 1920’s compare to a child’s life today? Let this interactive coloring book show you how…

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This & That on Lawndale Avenue

What would it be like to grow up in a Funeral Home in the early 1900’s? Let little Johnny tell you about some of his experiences and find if you have things you have in common…or not.

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This & That about Family Life in the 1920’s (Coming Soon)

Little Lee grows up in Chicago in the 1920’s and takes you along on the journey. As the world changes, learn how much you have in common still today.

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Yoga with Joan

A 50-minute yoga class taught by none other than Joan!

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30 minutes of deep breathing exercises

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Total Relaxation with Shavasana

30 minutes of deep relaxation in this important yoga pose.

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Sun Salutations with Joan

Learn Sun Salutations, slowly, steadily feeling the warmth of the sun as your energy soars. Joan is alongside you doing the movements and guiding you every step of the way.

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Body & Soul Meditation

Harp music and Joan’s meditation exercises…what more do you need?

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Beach Blanket Yoga

For the daring at heart, Joan set up her recorder in the sand and starts teaching headstands. The surf is upside down, loud and real!

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Foot Massage for Body & Sole

Introduce your toe to your head and your arch to your tummy…and a whole new world awakens! A simple and relaxing approach to Reflexology.

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The Art of Massage Made Simple

Dim the lights, get out the oil, and learn how to give a beautiful Full Body Swedish Massage.

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What Color is Grey

An album of original music recorded in NYC in 1989. In audiocassette or CD format. A golden grey oldie but goodie.

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